Scalebound, an Xbox One exclusive with dragon riding, revealed at E3

Plenty of news has been made at the Microsoft press conference at E3 2014, the company’s first trip to the show since the release of the Xbox One. One upcoming Xbox One-exclusive title got little in terms of introduction and information, but it showed people riding dragons and that’s good enough for us. It’s the first glimpse we’ve had of Scalebound.

The sci-fi/fantasy game is the work of Platinum Games, the team behind titles like MadWorld, the Bayonetta series, and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. Game designer and director Hideki Kamiya, who’s credits include Resident Evil and Devil May Cry, provided a brief introduction for Scalebound before letting the footage speak for itself. The short CG trailer showed off a character, rocking what appeared to be Beats headphones since even fantasy worlds need product placement, being chased by monsters. Things are looking bad but once the headphones go on and a dragon shows up, a huge fight breaks out and the human character flashes a smirk, making it appear he’s going to be just fine.

We didn’t get to see a whole lot outside of that, but it was enough to capture our attention. We’ll watch for more information on Scalebound as it becomes available. For the time being, though, we know there are lots of creatures and you can ride dragons and that’s a good start for any game.

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