Second Modern Warfare Map Pack Due in June

second modern warfare map pack due in june 2

If you listen closely, you can hear gamers across the world grudgingly counting their money in anticipation of buying the newest DLC for Modern Warfare 2. Activision has announced that the second (and likely final) multiplayer map pack for the uber-hit will be released on the Xbox Live Network on June 3rd. No date was given for a release on the PS3 or PC, but if this map pack follows the pattern of the last, it should be about a month behind.

The new map pack, named the “Resurgence Pack”, will feature 5 maps, but no word yet on what those maps will be, although it is likely that the pack will feature three original levels and two maps from the first Modern Warfare.

Many gamers grumbled over the price of the previous DLC, claiming that it was the highest DLC on record.  Activision did not list a price, but after the previous “Stimulous Package” map pack set records with a $14.99 price tag and raked in over $37.5 million courtesy of 2.5 million downloads in just over a week, odds are that Activision is unlikely to lower the price.

The statement also announced that current gamers can look forward to two Double XP weekends, the first beginning on Friday, May 28th, and the second starting on Friday, June 4th.

And on a separate not, Activision has managed to make the news again WIHTOUT a lawsuit being part of the story! Congratulations to Activision, who are going on 15 days without a lawsuit! Way to go, guys!