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Sony just added the Xbox Elite controller’s best feature to PS4

Microsoft’s first-party Xbox Elite controller features programmable paddles on its back, allowing players to have even more options in their favorite games without taking their thumbs off the analog sticks. Up until now, PS4 players looking for something similar would have to shell out over $100 for another company’s product, but Sony has created a much cheaper alternative.

Beginning January 23, PS4 players will be able to get the DualShock 4 Back Button Attachment, which snaps onto the back of a standard DualShock 4 controller. It plugs in through the two ports located on the bottom of the controller in between the grips, and comes equipped with an OLED display so you can easily view information without needing to take time away from your game.

There is also a dedicated button included so you can remap buttons nearly instantly, and you can save up to three preset profiles depending on who is playing with the controller. You aren’t limited to button choice on the back buttons, either, with 16 available actions for each one. Regardless of whether you want to use it for a melee attack or an easier way to sprint, you can do that with the Back Button Attachment.

The biggest advantage of the Back Button Attachment, however, is the price. It will retail for $30 in the United States, which is far cheaper than comparable alternative controllers from brands like Scuf. Because you don’t need to purchase a whole new controller, either, you’ll save a little space, and won’t have to get used to any new ergonomics or cheaper components in an off-brand model.

We’re curious to see if the attachment will be compatible with the PlayStation 5’s controller, if Sony is planning a separate accessory, or if programmable back buttons will be built into the controller by default. Microsoft will not be veering away from its Xbox One controller’s design for the next-generation Xbox Series X, only slightly changing the directional pad and shape while adding a share button for easier video and image capture. More options are rarely bad, though, so we’d certainly be in favor of a few more buttons on the back.

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