Sony Sets 3D into Motion at E3 2010

sony sets 3d into motion at e3 2010 tiger woods pga 11What do you get when you combine engrossing 3D graphics and hyper-accurate motion controls? The closest thing to the holodeck ever built. And it’s the dream Sony is chasing this year at E3.

The company highlighted its commitments to both technologies at its Tuesday press conference by focusing on both upcoming 3D-capable titles for the PlayStation 3, and the new Move motion controller, which will allow players to interact with environments in a more intuitive way than with traditional game controllers.

sony sets 3d into motion at e3 2010 jack tretton scea president ceo“What PlayStation 3 did for Blu-ray, we’re now ready to do with 3D as well,” SCEA president and CEO Jack Tretton declared onstage.

Sony will launch four downloadable 3D games through the PlayStation Network today, ramping up to 20 titles by March 2011. They’ll include niche titles like Sly Cooper Collection, alongside potential blockbusters like Crysis 2, Gran Turismo 5, and Killzone 3.

With Move, which will launch September 15, Sony claims it will offer 15 to 20 titles at launch, including the obligatory sports title, Sports Champions, along with some more original offerings like Sorcery, which puts players in control of a Harry Potter lookalike, wielding the Move controller like a magic wand.

A number of titles, including The Fight: Lights out, Tumble, and MLB The Show, will support both 3D and Move control, allowing players to not only view games as if they were there, but interact them that way as well.

sony sets 3d into motion at e3 2010 sorceryIn what Tretton claims is one of Sony’s largest partnerships ever, the company has collaborated with Coca-Cola to promote the Move this fall, with promotional codes on 130 million Coke products that will give consumers chance to win Move hardware and games.

In other announcements, Sony will also launch its PlayStation Plus network later this month, will release 70 PSP titles between now and December, and has managed to secure exclusive PlayStation content for a number of upcoming games including Mafia II and Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood.