Sony To Rule Console Games Through 2010?

A new study from Ireland’s Research and Markets forecasts that Sony will continue to dominate the market for console video gaming through the year 2010, although its lead will probably shrink in the face of competition from Microsoft and Nintendo.

According to the study’s predictions, Sony’s forthcoming Playstation 3 console will account for just over half the installed base of next-generation gaming consoles, with Microsoft’s Xbox 360 gobbling up 28.6 percent of the market and Nintendo’s soon-to-be-renamed Revolution controlling 21.2 percent. The report puts Microsoft ahead of Nintendo due to the earlier launch of the Xbox 360 console and the company’s capability to outship Nintendo.

The report doesn’t forecast that the peak sales for any year through 2010 will exceed yearly sales for years past, although it posits that, overall, sales of next-generation console systems will eventually exceed sales of current-generation video game systems as the overall market grows.