South Park RPG from Fallout: New Vegas developer coming in 2012


South Park, the TV series, has never shied away from making fun of or at least nodding to the video game-loving side of geek culture. Never in the hateful way that it reserves for certain celebrities or organizations; it’s always been more of a playful mocking of extremes. A number of games based on the series have been released over the years, with the strongest probably being the Nintendo 64 first-person shooter, South Park. There may be a new contender on deck though, with news today that a South Park role-playing game is in development at Obsidian Entertainment.

The news comes from Game Informer, with the promise of more in the way of real information to be revealed in the magazine’s January issue. The game’s story apparently focuses on a new kid in town — the game’s playable protagonist — as he (or she?) “make[s] friends and defend[s] the town from a wide range of threats.”

The cover image above references quite a few classic and fan-favorite episodes, which we’ll presumably be seeing elements of pop up in the game. Series creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone will be involved too, working with the Fallout: New Vegas dev on the script and providing their trademark voice acting. Beyond that, all we know for right now is that THQ has the game scheduled for release sometime in 2012, on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 platforms.