Suda 51, Inafune, Naka and other noted Japanese producers developing mobile games


While games like Call of Duty and Halo will always have their place, mobile gaming is most definitely here to stay. It’s great then to see highly creative minds in the AAA development world signing up for projects in this new space. DeNA is definitely onto something too, having partnered with a powerhouse team of Japanese producers, who will be creating content for the company’s mobile social gaming network, Mobage.

Keiji Inafune, Suda 51, Yuji Naka, Yoshifumi Hashimoto and Noritaka Funamizu will be working on a number of unspecified titles for the platform, Andriasang reports (translated from 4Gamer). No specifics are revealed, though the report mentions that mobile versions of No More Heroes (Suda 51) and Harvest Moon (Hashimoto) will be out this winter. Former Capcom-er Inafune is apparently working on an action game, Naka :hopes to release a game that uses positional information and has growth and adventure elements,” and Funamizu, another former Capcom dev, has something cooking called “Nama-ge.”

In a related report, Andriasang brings word (via Famitsu) that Suda 51 plans to make his NMH mobile release the bloodiest social game ever. The inventive creator of Shadows of the Damned also said that he has more than 100 ideas for mobile games and that he intends to release them all.