Surface Tension gives arcade tables a classy twist

surface tension gives arcade tables a classy twist tableWhile some might prefer the brightly colored, retro designs of traditional arcade games, there are others who prefer their vintage video game experience to be a bit more subdued — even, dare we say it, stylish. It’s the latter group that might want to check out Surface Tension’s line of fancy arcade tables.

Promising to “discreetly bring the finest contemporary personal entertainment to the heart of your living space,” Surface Tension offers three different styles of coffee tables that double as MAME-compatible gaming stations.

Each table comes equipped with arcade-style joysticks and buttons, LCD screens, and a host of pre-installed games, while some of the models also feature trackballs and a multi-room audio system. Users can also download and install any MAME-compatible games to add to the table’s library of offerings.

And though that’s all well and good for the gamer, all of the gaming-related features can be hidden away when not in use — leaving a snazzy coffee table that comes in a variety of different finishes.

The tables range in price from $3100-$5500, so they’re a bit expensive — but can you really put a price on something that manages to appeal to both your inner geek and interior designer?