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Telltale’s hit series The Wolf Among Us comes to PS4, Xbox One on November 4

Telltale Games has a November 4 release date set for The Wolf Among Us on PlayStation 4, PS Vita, and Xbox One, the studio confirms. On the same day, the game will also be available to purchase at retail for the first time, on both PlayStation and Xbox consoles. It was previously available on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 as a download-only offering.

The Wolf Among Us is already available on virtually any computing device you can think of, minus the game systems mentioned above. In addition to PS3 and Xbox 360, you can also get the five-episode first season for Mac and Windows via Steam, and on compatible iOS and Amazon Fire devices. It’s also coming to a range of Android devices in fall 2014 via the Google Play Store.

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The series is based on (and set before) Bill Willingham’s Fables comic book series. The story follows Bigby Wolf, who presides as sheriff over Fabletown, a community of misplaced storybook myths that were driven out of their native Homelands by the mysterious Adversary and took refuge in New York. The game picks up many years before the comics kick off, following Bigby as he investigates a murder mystery. As with all recent Telltale games, choice takes a big role in the way everything plays out.

The November 4 release of The Wolf Among Us is specifically for North America. It’s out in Europe on November 7. For both territories, PS4 and Xbox One users will also have the option of purchasing the game’s first season  for download through each console’s respective online store.

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