Titanfall beta period officially ends on February 19


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Are you enjoying your time in the Titanfall beta? Good. Treasure it while it lasts. The mech-on-mech-on-human-on-human combat comes to an end on February 19 at 6pm PST, the game’s official Twitter feed confirms. The testing period was originally supposed to end on the morning of February 18, but it was also never supposed to be the open beta that it turned into over the weekend.

Respawn Entertainment opened things up to allow Xbox One users with Xbox Live Gold subscriptions and any PC users that registered on the official website to participate in the beta. It’s a good thing too, as the server downtime caused by this unexpected influx of players will undoubtedly make for a smoother launch when Titanfall arrives for Windows PC, Xbox 360, and Xbox One on March 11.

Take advantage of the extra day to get a feel for the game. It’s great fun. We’ve got a guide up to help you get your bearings, but your best bet is to just stick to my own personal motto: don’t do what DT Gaming editor Ryan Fleming did.