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Titanfall ‘Frontier’s Edge’ DLC map pack arrives on July 31

titanfall frontiers edge dlc map pack arrives july 31 frontier s
Respawn Entertainment is set to release Frontier’s Edge, the second of three confirmed add-on packs for Titanfall, on July 31, as the developer confirmed in a San Diego Comic Con livestream (via GameSpot). The three new multiplayer maps — Dig Site, Haven, and Export — will cost $10 on its own, but you can also grab a $25 Season Pass to get that, the previously released Expedition DLC, and a to-be-announced third pack.

July 31 is also the day that Titanfall‘s next major title update arrives. As we learned during the run-up to Comic Con, the coming update introduces in-game credits as currency. Players will be able to spend their earned credits in the game’s new Black Market, where Burn Card booster packs will be purchasable.

Respawn stressed in its earlier announcement that the coming of in-game credits does not pave the way for future microtransactions. You won’t be able to buy those credits using real world dollars, Respawn says, either nowor in the future.

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