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Need Titanfall Burn Cards? I know a guy

titanfall update burn cards black market packs
As Titanfall‘s action heats up on the Frontier, developer Respawn Entertainment is offering you more channels to get exactly what you need, when you need it with the new Black Market for Titan Insignias and Burn Card packs. To fund your shady dealings, Respawn has introduced a new in-game currency that you collect through play. Don’t worry: there won’t be any microtransactions. The only way to earn credits is by playing regularly.

The Black Market will introduce a set of Titan Insignias that represent the elite units of both the IMC and Militia. Once bought at the Black Market they will be listed with your other Insignias at the Titan Custom Loadout menu.

titanfall insigniae

Burn Card packs provide a random selection of cards divided into various themes such as Intel, Tactical Ability, Weapons, or Standard, which can contain any card in the game. The goal of the packs is to give you a little more control over the types of cards you collect and ensure that you always have cards that you want to use. You can sell off any cards that you don’t anticipate needing.

titanfall burn card pack

Sell for what, you ask? Why, that dependable sci-fi standard, the currency of choice from the gritty streets of New Angeles to the Zocalo of Babylon 5: credits. Credits are the lubrication that keeps the Black Market machine whirring along. You earn credits from:

  • Match Victory
  • Match Completion
  • First Victory of the Day
  • Daily Challenges
  • Selling Burn Cards
  • A Percentage of your Match XP after Level 50
titanfall credits

Quelling inevitable anxieties, the developer has promised that introducing an in-game currency will not lead to dreaded microtransactions. The only way to earn credits is through playing the game, and not by spending real money. Instead the system is designed to reward the most devoted pilots for playing every day.

The Black Market unlocks once you reach level 11, so if you’re starting from scratch you will have built up a healthy credit pool by then to start sampling the Market’s wares. In the future the Market will offer other types of items for purchase, but there are not yet any details on what those might be.

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