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‘Titanfall: Frontline’ mobile spinoff canceled after extensive development

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Titanfall series developer Respawn Entertainment has canceled its mobile collectible card game spinoff Titanfall: Frontline, claiming that “the experience wasn’t ready to deliver the intense action-packed gameplay synonymous with Titanfall.”

The sudden cancellation arrives after months of development and extensive beta testing. Respawn issued a brief statement confirming the game’s forthcoming shutdown at Titanfall: Frontline‘s official website this week.

“It is our goal to create the best Titanfall mobile games that showcase the fast-paced action, mobility, and, of course, the power of Titans in this iconic series,” the statement reads. “We’ve learned an incredible amount in the beta test of Titanfall: Frontline, but in the end felt the experience wasn’t ready to deliver the intense action-packed gameplay synonymous with Titanfall.”

Developed by mobile studio Particle City and set to be published by Nexon, Titanfall: Frontline had entered a late stage of closed beta testing prior to this week’s shutdown notice. Beta testers will be able to spend a few more days with their virtual Titanfall decks before support officially ends this weekend.

Titanfall: Frontline‘s cancellation is the latest in a string of recent setbacks for the Titanfall series, following up on reports that the multiplatform sequel Titanfall 2 failed to meet sales expectations after a rough launch in October. Financial services firm Cowen and Company now expects Titanfall 2 to sell 6 million units across all platforms, down from initial projections of 9 million units.

Despite waning series popularity, Respawn Entertainment remains committed to mobile platforms, and confirmed that “future Titanfall mobile games” are being considered.

“While it’s never easy to cancel a game, we’re excited to take some of the concepts we saw resonate with players and build off of them in future Titanfall mobile games,” Respawn’s statement concludes. “Titanfall: Frontline‘s closed beta will be winding down in the next few days, and servers will go offline on January 20, 2017.”

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