Tomb Raider debut trailer is light on gameplay, heavy on eye candy


The latest Lara Croft adventure from Crystal Dynamics goes back to the roots of the series in the simply titled Tomb Raider. The story will wind back the clock to focus on a 21-year-old Lara after she is shipwrecked on an island that is somewhere in the vicinity of Japan. Embracing a more open-world approach, the young thrill-seeker first must figure out a way to survive after waking up washed ashore with no tools, weapons or other supplies to help her. All of this setup is showcased in a newly released debut trailer for the game, premiering just days before the big details emerge at E3.

If you’re looking for gameplay, this isn’t the trailer for you. Don’t let that stop you from hitting play though. This is a gorgeous little CG film short, hopefully (presumably) one that is indicative of the final game’s cutscenes. If the actual play looks even half as good as this does, we’re in for a treat. Uncharted has handily surpassed the Tomb Raider series in recent years, at least in the production values department. It looks like Crystal Dynamics wants to reclaim that crown for Lara’s latest adventure, and we’re perfectly fine with that. Remember: when game development studios go to “war” in trying to one-up the other’s work, we all win.

Check out the trailer below and be dazzled. And of course, stay tuned to Digital Trends all next week for the latest news and updates from E3!