Ubisoft details the Rainbow Six Siege season pass

Releasing in just a few weeks, Rainbow Six Siege is shaping up to be one of the biggest experiments of the year, all but removing the series’ classic single-player mode in favor of hardcore multiplayer. As with every modern shooter with a multiplayer component, it’s going to be supported with quite a bit of post-launch DLC, and Ubisoft has revealed what you’ll get if you opt for the season pass — and it looks like you’ll be getting content for quite a long time.

As was previously announced, new maps and operators for Rainbow Six Siege will be released for free, but the season pass will let you try them out a week early. They’ll be released two at a time, with the first pair arriving in January as part of the first season, dubbed “Operation Black Ice.”

Other perks offered with the pass include a boost to “Renown,” which allows you to unlock new content quicker, several weapon skins, extra challenges, and 600 “R6 Credits” to purchase any additional content you might like. This currency appears to be the only way to unlock the game’s top two tiers of weapon skins, and 600 R6 Credits would typically cost about $5.

Even though Ubisoft is calling the DLC bundle a “season” pass, “seasons pass” would probably be more appropriate. Over 2016, the new content will be split into four seasons, the first of which being the aforementioned “Operation Black Ice.” The second pack should arrive around April, followed by the third pack in July, and the last pack in October. Each season will also bring one new map to the game.

Rainbow Six Siege releases for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on December 1, and its season pass will set you back $30. If you’re interested in spending more money, you can also check out the game’s collector’s edition.

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