Uncharted sequel revealed, and it looks like we’re heading to Africa


The coming of a new Sony gaming console heralds any number of announcements, so of course the PlayStation maker chose to tease the next entry in its flagship Uncharted series during the November 15, 2013 launch event. There’s no date or platform details yet for Naughty Dog’s next adventure with Nathan Drake, but you can bet that this one is bound for the newly released PlayStation 4. It would be the series’ debut on the new console.

The trailer features a monologue from an unidentified gentleman who appears to be very angry at some past betrayal. Not angry in an “I’m going to burn this mother down!!!” sort of way; it’s more “I’m going to toy with you and lead you along and wait until the time is right, then slit your throat.” Drake is presumably the target of the speaker’s scary-controlled rage. Director Amy Hennig confirmed on Twitter that the voice actor behind the monologue is Todd Stashwick, who you might remember as the guy who could clone himself in the final season of Heroes.

The trailer offers zero gameplay footage, but a slow camera pan across a yellowed map gives some sense of the next Uncharted game’s setting. Starting in South Africa near the Cape of Good Hope, the camera scans along the southern coast of Africa and then on to the nearby island nation of Madagascar. It stops at Île Sainte-Marie, an island just off the country’s eastern coast. A quick look at the region’s history reveals that Île Sainte-Marie was a base for pirates back in the 17th and 18th centuries. Many believed that the pirate colony of Libertalia, which was never confirmed to exist, was based in this area.

A lost city populated by pirates, and probably brimming over with their amassed booty? Yeah, this is familiar ground for Uncharted. There’s nothing confirmed, but the teaser trailer’s map certainly suggests that Drake is going to set off on a little pirate adventure. You can check out the trailer below.