The Walking Dead’s final trailer for season two peers into Clementine’s past

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No, really. Don’t hit play if you’re not completely caught up on Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead. Seasons one and twoThe fifth and final episode of the series’ second season is very nearly upon us, and this newly released trailer amounts to a recap of everything that’s transpired so far. What’s especially neat is you might see moments you don’t recognize, because they connect to events didn’t happen in your game, as a product of the choices you made.

The video concludes with a brief home video of Clementine before the whole world went to hell. It’s an illuminating glimpse at who this character was before she was re-forged in the fires of a post-apocalyptic hellscape. “Who will you become?” the trailer asks. Who indeed. The series’ second season has delivered a tremendous ride so far, and all signs point to a shocking finale.

The Walking Dead: Season Two, Episode Five – No Going Back comes to Mac/PC and PlayStation in North America on August 26, to Xbox 360 and PlayStation in Europe on August 27, and to the iOS App Store on August 28.