Warface is now free on Xbox Live to make war in people’s faces

warface now free xbox live make war peoples faces

Warface is now in open beta on Xbox Live, which means that anyone with an Xbox Live Gold account can grab the free download and play to their heart’s content, Major Nelson confirms. The game is a free-to-play competitive and cooperative shooter from Crytek Kiev that’s been around on PC for some time, but wasn’t announced for Xbox 360 until summer 2013.

The open beta includes three versus modes that were all available during the closed beta, along with two co-op “settings” with multiple mission types and difficulties. The game should continue to grow toward its full launch from here, with more modes, maps, and other content being added over time. Warface also features daily missions meant to challenge players of all skill levels, so there’s always something fresh to be found.

It’s been a slow burn for Warface, which, despite the goofy title, is lots of fun to play. Class-based, progression-driven shooters are kind of popular (haven’t you heard?), and this one is completely free. Having some visibility among Xbox 360 users should boost it a bit. Here’s a trailer for a beta that gives you a sense of what it’s all about…