Watch a real-world soccer match directed by video game controllers

watch a real world soccer match directed by video game controllers kasabian footballWe’re not sure if this is a promo for a new album or just one football fan living his dream, but one thing is certain: it’s a pretty amazing experiment.

In the video below, Tom from the band Kasabian and real-life football star Darren Bent compete in a match that has living, breathing players receiving commands from a pair of Sony Ericsson Xperia Play devices. Each of the players wears a headband and earpiece that delivers audible commands based on input from Tom and Darren.

While the action feels a bit like a lagging game at times, it’s still a fairly impressive stunt to pull off — and it’s funny to see the players attempt moves they would never consider in actual games. Take a half-field shot with four defenders directly in front of your player? Sure!

If you’re musically inclined, the video also features the single “Re-Wired” from Kasabian’s new album, Velociraptor.