Watch Dogs DLC adds three new missions and an assortment of toys

watch dogs dlc adds three new missions assortment toys 002

Watch Dogs fans get a treat going into the holiday weekend, in the form of a new $7 downloadable content pack that adds three new single-player missions to the game as well as an assortment of weapons and other bonuses. Season Pass holders get this pack as part of their $20 purchase, along with the previously released “Conspiracy!” Digital Trip minigame and any other content drops that are still to come.

The new, unnamed DLC pack adds three missions for Aiden Pearce to pursue: The Palace, a home infiltration that involves wiping an incriminating hard drive and assassinating an Internet mogul; Signature Shot, in which you break into a Viceroy compound to relieve the gang of its newly obtained (and new to the DLC) Biometric Rifle; and Breakthrough, which tasks Aiden with tracking down the location of a secret meeting between nefarious corporate CEOs and then eliminating them all.

Watch Dogs has never been about the cuddles, and these violence-heavy missions speak to that.

In addition to the new Biometric Rifle, the DLC pack also includes the burst-fire Auto-6 pistol and perks that boost everything from battery life to weapon effectiveness to cash payouts at ATMs. Nothing says “celebrate your nation’s independence” like stealing lots of money from bank machines.