Watch Dogs DLC includes more campaign and a new playable character

watch dogs dlc includes add campaign new playable character screenshot

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Ubisoft’s upcoming open world hackfest Watch Dogs is going to have some add-on content in the form of a separate campaign featuring a new playable character, as GameStop’s product listing for the game’s Season Pass confirms. There aren’t any details beyond the promise of “more missions, weapons, and exclusive content.” The $19.99 pass shaves 30-percent off what the total cost of all the DLC would be if it were purchased a la carte.

The main story in Watch Dogs follows Aiden Pearce, an accomplished hacker with a shady past. When that past comes back to haunt him and tragedy ensues, Pearce sets out to find who wronged him and mete out a little vengeance. Ubisoft’s been cagey about story details up until this point, but that’s what we’ve gathered from our looks at the game so far. Along the way, you’ll also hack your way across Chicago by peering into the private lives of average citizens, stopping (or committing) crimes, and bending the city’s computer-controlled infrastructure to your will.

We reached out for comment on the DLC details and a Ubisoft spokesperson told us, “We’ll have more information on the season pass in the coming weeks.” Watch Dogs is out on May 27 for PlayStation and Xbox consoles, as well as Windows PCs.