We have 20 copies of Ultra Street Fighter IV, and we’re giving them away here!

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Ultra Street Fighter IV is out now, and we’ve got 10 codes apiece for PC and PlayStation 3 that are just going to sit here until you readers step up to claim them.

Capcom’s legendary fighting game series returned in 2009 with a new look and some new rules. Ultra marks the third major update for the game, adding new characters and systems in addition to a host of balance tweaks. It was released in June 2014 as a DLC update, but August 5 marks the launch of the full retail version.

We’re giving away 10 PC and 10 PS3 download codes for Ultra Street Fighter IV. This is the full game, not simply the DLC update. Sign up below to nab one!

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Ultra Street Fighter IV adds five new characters to the fighting roster: Rolenta, Hugo, Elena, Poison (all of whom appeared in Street Fighter X Tekken), and Decapre, a member of M. Bison’s brainwashed asssassin/bodyguards, the Dolls. The Ultra enhancements also include six new stages, an “Edition Select” feature that allows players to swap between different versions of SFIV characters as they appeared in previous updates to the 2009 game, and a new “Double Ultra” option to use during fight, triggering both of a character’s Ultra Combo attacks, for reduced damage on each.

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