What if Skyrim was set in 2012?

what if skyrim was set in 2012There’s been no shortage of Internet memes and in-jokes spinning out of The Edle Scrolls V: Skyrim since it launched last year, but this one is one of our favorites of the bunch (so far).

Created by the Grosjean Brothers Productions, this short film imagines a Skyrim experience set in 2012, and gives many of the game’s little quirks a 21st-century makeover. The video is just shy of four minutes long, but it’s four minutes of quality, arrow-in-the-knee laughs.

Here’s how the creators describe it:

Skyrim is still thriving in the year 2012 and Belethor’s distant cousin Gregethor is running the shop with Digurd, Sigurd’s distant relative.

Buckets still get put on heads and coin purses still get thieved, and throwing fire and ice at each other is still the preferred way of settling a dispute.

You can watch the video below:

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