What if The Simpsons attended E3?

simpsons minecraft intro proves moe really creeper e4We’ve seen The Simpsons incorporate popular music festivals and comic conventions, so it’s about time Springfield’s famous family made a trip to consumer electronics enthusiasts’ mecca, the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo.

In last weekend’s new episode, “The Food Wife,” the family’s adventure as food bloggers takes them to the series’ uniquely skewed version of the popular convention, E4 — a.k.a. “Expensive Electronic Entertainment Expo.”

Over at GameSetWatch, there’s a brief synopsis of some of the most recognizable references in the episode. Along with checking out the new offerings from Protovision, Chalmskin Interactive, Electronic Crafts, and Funtendo, Homer and the rest of the family also meandered by displays for such Simpsons-styled games as Grand Theft Scratchy: Itchy City Stories, World of Krustcraft, and Medal of Duty.

Bart and Lisa also spend some time with the demos for Guts of War II: Entrails of Intestinox and Marching Band, the latter of which includes the all-important challenge of studying for a chemistry test during a long bus trip.

You can check out some screencaps over at GameSetWatch, and the full episode should be available after the eight-day online delay.