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Today’s ‘Wordle’ (Friday, July 1st) Word Of The Day, Answer And Hints

Having trouble with today’s Wordle? If so, we’re here to help.

Wordle #377 for July 1, 2022, is a bit of an oddball word, but we’ve got a couple of hints that could help you keep your impressive Wordle streak alive.

Before you take a look at the hints below, check out our easy guide on playing Wordle for some tips and tricks for playing daily, including strategies and good starting words. And bookmark our Wordle hub so you can come back for more hints and answers.

More on Wordle

How Wordle works

Wordle is a vocabulary game in which players get six tries to guess a five-letter word. Once you enter a guess, individual letters within the word you entered will appear in different colors. Each color has a different meaning.

  • Green: The letter entered is 100% correct — the right letter in the right space.
  • Yellow: The entered letter is in the correct word, but you’ve placed it in the wrong space.
  • Gray: The entered letter is not used in the answer.

The goal is to guess the correct word in as few attempts as possible.

Hints for today’s Wordle

  • The word has two vowels.
  • The word has two syllables.
  • The word can be used to describe a horse.

What’s the answer to Wordle #377 on July?

Still having trouble? No worries — you can’t get them all! If you just want to see today’s Wordle answer to continue your streak, you can find it below.

A person plays 'Wordle' on an iPhone.
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The answer to today’s Wordle is “pinto.”

According to Merriam-Webster, pinto is a noun that means “a horse or pony of various breeding that is marked with patches of white and another color.”

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