Would you watch a live-action TV show based on ‘Cut The Rope’?

There are many mobile app games that you could see yourself one day wanting to play in real life – And let’s not forget that some games have already made the leap beyond the phone screen to the real world – but did anyone really think that ZeptoLab’s hit game Cut The Rope would really be something that people want to play for real?

Apparently, Sony Pictures Television is willing to bet that they are. The company has signed a deal with ZeptoLab to develop a live-action game show based on the popular app, with the promise that the game’s central character, the little green monster Om Nom, will be part of the show should it make it to series. Announcing the partnership, Sony Pictures Television’s chief creative officer of international production, Wayne Garvic, said that “Every hour of every day, app producers are creating new ways to entertain global audiences, with Cut the Rope offering one of the most striking examples,” adding that in his estimations, “ZeptoLab is a pioneer in bringing innovative, witty and addictive apps to the world. We share a similar passion and ambition at SPT, and this collaboration will lead to forms of entertainment across all possible partners.”

Zepto CEO Misha Lyalin added, “We love the idea of our fans being able to see and engage with Om Nom on the television screen and this partnership with Sony Pictures Television will let fans do just that, bringing Cut the Rope to life in a brand new, interactive way.”

Cut The Rope made its first appearance as an iOS app almost exactly two years ago (October 4, 2010), with the game now being available on iOS, Android and MacOS platforms, as well as other smartphone, tablet and computer devices and having been downloaded more than 250 million times. The game has spawned not only a sequel – Cut The Rope: Experiments, which debuted in 2011 – but also all manner of transmedia products featuring Om Nom, from plush toys to keychains, animated videos and even an Om Nom digital comic that revealed the backstory of Om Nom for those who couldn’t deal with the idea that he was just a little green thing that liked to jump around a lot (Apparently, his sugar levels tend to dictate how much fun he is to be around).

It’s not known at this time how closely the game show will follow the format of the app game, although we can only hope that it involves players swinging from rope to rope over precipitous drops. ZeptoLabs isn’t resting on its laurels, though; the partnership with Sony actually includes a first-look deal for live-action game shows based on other properties based on, or created by, the app developer.

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