Xbox 360 users gets $75 credit with Xbox One purchase

Microsoft is rewarding select Xbox 360 users in the U.S., U.K., and Canada with a $75 credit for upgrading to an Xbox One console, the company confirms. If you’re one of the lucky few — there’s no indication of how recipients are being chosen — you’ll be greeted with a message the next time you fire up your Xbox 360 that looks something like this:

Xbox 360 upgrade offerThe offer was first shared on NeoGAF by a user who, ironically enough, already owns an Xbox One. The credit is only rewarded after the new console is purchased, meaning you can’t use it to knock some money off the price of an Xbox One. To get the reward, you’ve got to register a new console with the same Gamertag that you use on your Xbox 360, after which a promo code worth $75 is sent out.

Act quickly if you get one of these offers, as it’s only good until the end of July. Furthermore, the $75 promo code must be used by October 14, and it must be spent within a year of being received.