Microsoft outlines key features of $150 Xbox One Elite Controller

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Microsoft targets the competitive gaming market with its upcoming Xbox One Elite Controller, and in-depth customization options announced today reveal what players can expect from the $150 accessory.

Starting at the 30-minute mark in this Gamescom video, Microsoft’s Navin Kumar outlines the controller’s key features, all of which can be tweaked and saved using a linked Xbox One app.

Announced at E3, the Xbox One Elite Controller features interchangeable thumbsticks and d-pads, along with a collection of paddles on the back of the device that serve various user-defined functions. Every button on the controller can be remapped and reassigned, supplementing in-game options with a greater degree of customization.

The Xbox One Elite Controller’s app allows users to build individual customization profiles, potentially enabling a unique control setup for every single game in a player’s library. Up to 255 configurations can be stored on a user’s Xbox Live account, and two can be saved to the controller itself. Players can switch between their two saved configurations at any point during gameplay by using a physical switch located on the controller’s face.

Thumbstick sensitivity is a focus for the Xbox One Elite Controller, and players can redefine tension and dead zones using its app. The app also provides charts and graphs demonstrating each stick’s output when tilted, letting players swap between pre-built and user-defined sensitivity curves.

The Xbox One’s triggers get a similar boost with options that customize travel and throw. Triggers on the Xbox One Elite Controller can either require a full press or a slight squeeze to activate, giving players greater control over in-game weaponry.

The accessory’s customization features extend beyond stick and trigger tweaks. Each button can be remapped to one of 14 digital inputs, and individual functions can be mapped to multiple buttons, enabling a speedier rate of fire or other advanced in-game functionality.

The Xbox One Elite Controller will launch on October 31, and is priced at $150.

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