Xbox One Kinect coming as a $150 standalone purchase in October 2014

xbox one kinect coming 150 standalone purchase october 2014

Microsoft is set to start selling the Xbox One’s new-and-improved Kinect as a standalone $150 purchase on October 7, as a new Xbox Wire post confirms. The solo Kinect sensor includes Harmonix’s Dance Central Spotlight as a pack-in game.

The latest Kinect was the focus of much criticism after Microsoft announced that the Xbox One-with-Kinect package — the only one offered at the console’s launch — was a $500 item, compared to Sony’s $400 (camera sensor-free) PlayStation 4. Less than a year later, shortly before E3 2014, the message changed and a Kinect-free Xbox One was released for $400. A standalone Kinect was promised, and here it is.

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In our review of the Xbox One at launch, we likened the new Kinect’s voice command capabilities, and the way it’s integrated into the console’s operating system, as a new “button” of sorts in your control scheme. To this day, even after the release of the Kinect-less package, dashboard navigation can sometimes be difficult without voice commands to help you out. That’s a product of how the console was designed to begin with, as Kinect was always meant to be an integral component.