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AncestryDNA price drop makes it more affordable to discover your family origins

American songwriter Marla LewisEverybody’s Irish on St. Patrick’s Day reflects a common theme for the annual observance celebrated with parades, food, and drink. Wearing green on Saint Paddy’s day extends back to the 1680s, but many people sport the color on March 17 regardless of their genealogy, in order to join the fun.

In step with the Saint Patrick’s Day emphasis on ancestral roots, AncestryDNA dropped its regular $99 price for a DNA-based family origin search by $40 to $59. This deal ends on March 17.

When you order the AncestryDNA test, you’ll receive a test kit that includes a prepaid return mailer. Swap a saliva sample, following provided instructions, place the sample in the mailer, and send it in. Six to eight weeks later you’ll receive notification that your test results are available for online viewing.

Your search results report will include an estimated ethnicity percentage breakdown and where your forebears lived. AncestryDNA provides locations of origin from more than 500 defined regions, in some cases as granular as a specific city. The location-matching database continues to increase in size and specificity as it processes more samples, according to the company. AncestryDNA doesn’t reveal the exact number of samples processed to date, other than stating that millions of people have used the service.

Depending on your family’s roots, the AncestryDNA report may include relevant historical information about your location of origin including a potential timeline that traces why and by what means your ancestors moved from place to place.

If you love to send greeting cards or just want to flesh out your family tree as much as possible, the AncestryDNA report may also include information about living relatives. In addition to names, thumbnail headshot photos, and links to additional individuals, the relations report includes probability confidence level ratings of the likelihood that you are related to each person based on DNA matching.

Just think, you may have more cousins!

If you’d like to learn even more from your DNA, an optional $10 Personal Traits report purchased with the AncestryDNA report can show details of 18 DNA-based traits such as sweet and savory sensitivities, male hair loss, and finger length. Also, if you have relatives who have also purchased the AncestryDNA Trait report, you can compare your traits to theirs, if they’re willing.

Normally priced at $99, this Ancestry DNA kit is on sale for just $59 now through Saint Patrick’s Day. Take advantage of this opportunity to find out about your ancestors and geographic origins, because the price goes back up March 18.

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