Even the market watching wonks agree that the wrist is the next big thing in fitness tech

nike-fuelbandAccording to a new report by smart technology business intelligence company On World the sports and fitness technology market is set to explode as active people continue loading up their bodies with digital sensors and data capture devices of all kinds.


On World sees the total market expanding to $975 million by 2017. And it appears smart watches will play a large role in this growth (hello Apple).

“Some sports and fitness markets will be disrupted by the emergence of new general purpose mobile sensing products such as smart watches,” says Mareca Hatler, ON World’s research director in a press release. “Also, dedicated mobile sensing sports and fitness device manufacturers face intense competition from smartphones/tablets makers and app developers targeting integrated mobile device sensors.”

In a recent survey of 1,000 US consumers On World discovered that fitness apps were the single most important application for smart watches. We’re beginning to get that feeling as well. But there’s more. What about fitness apps for Google Glass? A heads up display on a pair of Oakleys. Or, a waterproof iWatch from Apple? Yes, the future of digital fitness feedback looks bright indeed. Our wrists are already tingling with anticipation.

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