For the wrist-averse, Polar’s new Stride Sensor keeps a low profile


Polar USA announced the launch of their Polar Stride Sensor Bluetooth Smart. The Stride Sensor clips into your shoelaces and reports data back to Polars iOS app Polar Beat in real time allowing runners to keep track of stride length, cadence, running speed and distance.

According to Polar, users will “receive real-time running data from the Stride Sensor Bluetooth Smart during each training session, and the Running Index feature will provide a detailed breakdown of the user’s performance figures, allowing him or her to track his or her progress and even calculate projected finish times for long distance events such as marathons.”

The Stride Sensor Bluetooth Smart sells for $79.95 and is available now at Polar USA retailers or online. Polar Beat and the Stride Sensor is compatible with iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (5th generation), iPad (3rd & 4th generation) and iPad mini (7th generation).