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LG's new Tone Active earbuds put function before fashion

lg tone active earbuds launch
Earbuds that hang around your neck are an interesting invention. It’s like the company that made them wants to go wireless, but can’t completely cut the cord just yet. In any case, LG is a firm believer in them and has come out with a new pair, which it calls the LG Tone Active headset.

The earbuds can basically be hung around your neck, and have a built-in microphone, letting you talk on the phone without having to take it out of your pocket. Sure, they’re not the most fashionable item out there, but they should at least prevent you from dropping your earbuds while working out. According to LG, the battery inside the earbuds will last a hefty nine hours, so you you shouldn’t find yourself halfway through a workout when your earbuds run out of power.

“The LG Tone Active is perfect for anyone who wants a wireless music experience while working out, regardless of the type of smartphone you own,” said LG senior director of U.S. accessories Bruce Tripido, in a statement. “We’ve redesigned our most popular headset to keep up with you and your fitness goals while also keeping our unique Tone retractable earbuds and around-the-neck contoured design.”

The goal of the headphones’ design is to enable the earbuds to handle even the more rigorous workouts out there, without compromising on audio quality. As mentioned, they have a playback time of nine hours, however in between workout sessions, you can fully charge the earbuds in two hours. The headphones are also sweat and water resistant — which is a pretty necessary feature considering the fact that the way they’re designed is sure to induce more than a little sweat around your neck.

The headphones themselves come in two different colors — blue and black, and sport a price tag of $130. You can get a pair for yourself from the LG website.

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