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Don't drink nasty tap water or waste money on single-use water bottles

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What if a reusable capsule could purify and freshen tap water? Bloc Enterprises’ PuriBloc GoPure water purification pods aim to help solve two problems: nasty tap water and expensive wasted plastic bottles.

It’s a localized issue for sure, but many people can’t drink their local tap water, or prefer not to because of color, taste, or odor. According to Ban the Bottle, an organization that isn’t coy about its position on the issue, “Americans used about 50 billion plastic water bottles last year.” The same source states that in the U.S., on average, if people drank the recommended eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day, it would cost $0.49 with tap water but $1,400 with bottled water.

Available now for pre-order on Fundable, GoPure pods neutralize tap water contaminants and optimize the water’s pH level. Inside a polypropylene capsule, the reusable GoPure pod, which will retail for $25, is capable of treating up to 264 gallons of tap water. That’s the equivalent of 2,000 single-use water bottles.

According to Bloc Enterprises, the active element in GoPure pods is “an advanced, highly porous ceramic that not only absorbs many soluble and particulate chemical impurities, but also balances pH levels to re-mineralize and alkalize the water.” The ceramic is “made from a special combination of food-grade ingredients that undergo a lengthy firing and sintering process at over 1,000 degrees centigrade. The major structural component is a natural, mineralized material known as Diatomaceous Earth (DE).” The ceramic’s high porosity results in high levels of surface area contact with water.

You can put the GoPure pod in any container holding up to 3 gallons of water. The company also developed the PuriBlock GoPure Pet, a dome-like structure that attaches to pet water bowls. The GoPure Pet is also included in this crowdfunding campaign. According to Bloc Enterprises, the PuriBloc technology is NSF/ANSI certified.

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