DT Giveaway: Get to Dreamland STAT with the ASTI Sleep+Sound Therapy System

sound sleep therapy system giveaway

Ah, sleep, that elusive but essential state of being. One of the things that makes it so difficult to fall asleep is the noise around the house: The cat chasing shadows, traffic, your neighbors’ nocturnal activities. White noise machines can cover these sounds, but they might not necessarily lull you into unconsciousness.

The Sound+Sleep Therapy System is designed to help you relax with high-quality recordings of soothing sounds, like waterfalls, oceans, rain, and babbling brooks. It’s a lot of water, but there are also meadow and fireplace settings. Maybe you miss the sounds of a busy city after moving to the suburbs; you can dial that in, too. And if there are honking horns outside your window — or someone’s car alarm going off — the machine’s adaptive sound technology will adjust its levels accordingly. The same feature can be found in Novo, the world’s first wearable tech device that does automatic sound control for users, adjusting and normalizing headphone volume based on surrounding environments and using the same patented technology as the Sound+Sleep Therapy System (visiting the IndieGoGo for Novo, is just one of the ways to enter!)

Normally, the Sound+Sleep retails for $100, but Digital Trends is giving away four for free this week to some lucky winners. Enter below, and enjoy sweet, soundscaped dreams. Contest over

WINNERS: Johnna R., Miguel E., Charles M., Rob F.