Share pictures and videos to Vizio TVs from anywhere using AirCastLive

AirCastLive transports pics and vids from your smartphone to your Vizio TV

aircastlive lands vizio smart tvs allowing tv app

Vizio rolled out one more reason today to go with its value-packed line of TVs for your next purchase. Mobile video service platform AirCast Mobile announced the addition of a new way to share content from your mobile device to your Vizio smart TV via its powerful AirCastLive app. The app will be available on Vizio smart TVs for free starting today.

Also available on Roku and select Android streaming devices, AirCast Mobile claims AirCastLive is the only service that allows users to share photos and videos from mobile devices across multiple platforms from “anywhere in the world.” The app, which is supported by Android and iOS mobile devices, allows anyone in its “community” to share videos and photos from a smartphone to another AirCastLive user’s phone, TV or streaming device, without being on the same network.

The app works by first uploading a video or photo from a smartphone to an AirCast account. Once there the content is ready to be shared with anyone else in the AirCast family. Users can even share content to multiple AirCastLive users at once, making it easy to share those vacation videos with the whole clan, even when you’re spread across the globe.

AirCastLive premieres today on over 75 Vizio SmartTV models, including those from Vizio’s highly regarded M- and E-series TVs, which made our list of the best TVs under $1000, as well as Best TVs under $500. The app will also be available on Vizio’s new P-series 4K/UHD TVs.

Vizio users who want to take advantage of the new sharing feature can download the app from the Vizio Internet Apps+ platform now. After adding the app to your smartphone from one of the links above, you should be ready to start “AirCasting” your photos and videos today.