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You can now ask Amazon Echo’s Alexa about movie showtimes and live NFL scores

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Greg Mombert/Digital Trends
Alexa, the handy voice-controlled virtual assistant in the Amazon Echo, was already fairly smart when the device launched, but since then she has gained even more knowledge and functionality. Now, based on a new firmware update coming to the Echo, you can ask Alexa about movies and the NFL, including the upcoming Super Bowl 50.

Thanks to the latest update, Alexa can now give you information on what movies are playing in nearby theaters, as well as when they’re playing. All you need to do is say “Alexa, what movies are playing tonight?” You can also get even more specific by naming a particular movie genre, or by asking about a specific movie, such as, “Alexa, tell me more about Dirty Grandpa.” Of course, the movie doesn’t have to be (and perhaps shouldn’t be) that one.

Users can now also ask Alexa for live NFL scores, Engadget reports. While the season is nearly over, the most important NFL game of the year is still coming, and you can ask Alexa to predict the outcome. Simply say “Alexa, who will win the Super Bowl?”

Amazon has been on a roll lately when it comes to adding new features to the Echo. Earlier this month we reported that Alexa can now narrate Kindle books for you. If you’re not an Audible user or just happen to want to listen to a book that isn’t available on the service, this is a handy alternative.

If all this sounds interesting but you’re not interested in a speaker the size of the Amazon Echo, you may only have to wait a while for something smaller. A report from the Wall Street Journal earlier this month says that a new, smaller, battery-powered version of the Echo, code-named Fox, is on the way, and may even launch within the next few weeks.

The update bringing movie showtimes and NFL scores to the Echo began rolling out last week, so if you’re reading this there’s a good chance you might have it already. If not, you shouldn’t have to wait for long.

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