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Amazon doubles down on FireTV apps with new games and live TV apps

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Amazon’s FireTV is bringing the heat (sorry) to the set-top box battle with a host of new apps. The company points out the new device’s collection has more than doubled since its launch in April, with a wide selection of new Internet TV apps and games announced today, adding to the impressive coup with the exclusive relaunch of Flappy Bird, now called Flappy Birds Family.

While Flappy Bird was tragically pulled from the shelf during its meteoric rise, spawning droves of copycat apps in the process, the game has now returned in a new multiplayer format, exclusive to Amazon’s app market. In addition, the tech titan today unveiled a host of other new games, including Dungeon Quest, Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse, The Wolf Among Us, Grand Theft Auto: Sand Andreas, and The Bard’s Tale.

Amazon has also added a few new Web TV apps such as MLB.TV, Animal Planet Live, and WWE Network, as well as new selections from Disney’s massive content vault, including WATCH Disney Channel, and WATCH Disney Jr.

While the FireTV touted a focus on gaming when it was unveiled in April, underlined by its available add-on controller in the tradition of consoles like Xbox and Playstation, the device also appears to be doing its best to keep up with the Johnsons when it comes to online TV streaming apps. That includes what looks like a sizable licensing agreement with Disney, adding plans for two more Disney-owned properties in WATCH ABC, and WATCH ABC Family, as well as other additions on the way, such as A&E, Lifetime, Outside TV, Young Hollywood, North Face TV, Green TV Daily Motion, and the new NFL vehicle for stats and highlights, NFL Now, all of which are promised by the end of the year.

The new list definitely extends the FireTV into deeper waters when it comes to both streaming and gaming apps, which are now in the hundreds, but considering the daunting collection of available apps from competitors like the Apple TV, Roku, and even Chromecast, FireTV will have to continue at a feverish pace to stay in the conversation. Then again, none of the above have Flappy Birds Family – in this battle, you take your wins where you can get them.

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