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Apple’s new Powerbeats 4 headphones will cost just $149

Apple has officially announced the release of the new Beats Powerbeats 4 headphones, the successor to the extremely popular Powerbeats 3 sport headphones. We already got an early glimpse of the Powerbeats 4 headphones over the weekend, when they were spotted on a Walmart shelf in Rochester, New York, even before their official release.

Now we have official confirmation of what was suspected from that sighting: Namely, the headphones will come in three color options of white, black, and bright red. They will also sell for just $149, which is lower than expected. Previous models of the Powerbeats were more expensive, such as the Powerbeats 3 which sold for $200 and the Powerbeats Pro which cost $250.

Powerbeats 4
Powerbeats 4 Beats

Some of the other specs of the Powerbeats 4 are what you would expect, such as the use of the Lightning standard for charging with a USB-A to Lightning cable included with the headphones. The buds still have the wire connecting them, so they aren’t true wireless. The cable has moved position from previous Powerbeats headphones though, as it now runs behind the ear when previously it ran in front of the ear. This might change how the headphones feel to wear, so you may want to try them out before purchasing if you like the older style.

The biggest new features of the Powerbeats 4 is the extended battery life. Using Apple’s H1 audio chip, which is the same chip used in the Powerbeats Pro and Apple’s own AirPods Pro, the Powerbeats 4 are able to achieve up to 15 hours of battery life. Other new features include voice controls that can be activated with “Hey, Siri,” and easy pairing also thanks to the new chip. The headphones are designed for sports and outdoor activities, so they’re rated IPX4 which means they are sweat and water-resistant.

The Powerbeats 4 will go on sale on Wednesday, March 18, and will be available from Beats retailers including Apple’s online store and Best Buy. Apple’s physical stores are currently closed outside of China due to the coronavirus outbreak, so if you want to pick up a pair of these headphones at launch then you’ll likely be best off buying online.

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