Boring Bluetooth speakers need not apply: Bem Tenders An Array of Handsome Wireless Audio Solutions.

bem bluetooth speakers wireless

Bem wireless has announced a versatile lineup of wireless speakers that includes the boombox, outlet speaker, mobile speaker, and speaker trio. Let’s give each a quick breakdown. Unlike the slew of nearly-identical aluminum-clad Bluetooth speakers we’ve been subjected to lately, these sport some interesting design elements. Let’s break it down:

Mobile speaker

This  rubix cube-sized speaker is ideal for audio on-the-go. Bem says this speaker makes the most out of its stature, wielding outsized audio via Bluetooth or Aux in options. Each cube is slated to go for $70.

Outlet speaker

The outlet speaker is just what it sounds like, a diminutive unit that plugs directly into the wall. Its built-in power adapter keeps it charged and ready at all times, and the speaker is meant to have an operable range of up to 25 feet from its source. Plan on shelling out $100 for this option. 


Durable and robust, the boombox sports  2.1 stereo sound, and is designed to provide some power on-the-go. Evoking the classic boxes of the 80’s and 90’s, is its built-in handle, a feature that makes us well up for Radio Raheem all over again. This boombox will tap your wallet to the tune of $250.

Speaker trio

This model also sports a literal title, as it is made up of three block-like speakers with a base that cradles and charges each unit. A larger doppelganger to the mobile speaker, the cubes and their base resemble a child’s toy, but belt out some grown-up audio. The speaker trio will cost you a trio of Benjamins; price is set at $300.

Bem’s  lineup sports some considerable cool-factor, we just hope the audio impresses as much as the design. One thing that gives us pause on that front is the listed signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) for the four models (60dB). That number is on par with the tape decks of old; here’s hoping that spec is just a misprint.