CES 2006 Profile: Time Trax Technologies

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Time Trax Technologies, a maker of hardware and software products to record content from radio broadcasts to individual MP3 files, announced a new product line at CES 2006 which combines a FM radio dock with a MP3 player.

The new Time Trax TraxCatcher line, of which the first model will be available in April for $159.99, works by plugging it into a wall, tuning to a radio station and returning several hours later to remove the included, portable MP3 player from its docking slot to hear individual MP3s of each song recorded off the air. These songs can be transferred via a USB 2.0 connection to a computer for tagging with artist and song information.

The first model is the entry level TraxCatcher Classic. Future models, which will range in price from $99.99 to $499.99, will include features such as HD radio, digital inputs and outputs, USB connectivity, MP3 docking capabilities, clock-radio functionality and satellite radio receiver integration.