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Get ready for apps! Google launches Chromecast SDK to public

Google Chromecast
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Detailed on the official Google Chrome Blog, the development team behind the Google Chromecast has publicly launched a software development kit (SDK) that allows app creators to install the Chromecast streaming function into any mobile app. Likely included in a future app update, the Chromecast streaming button would appear in the top right hand corner of the app screen. At the moment, there are 14 apps with Chromecast compatibility and include some well-known streaming media apps such at Netflix, Hulu Plus, HBO GO, YouTube and Pandora as well as some recent additions like Plex and VIVO.

Fortunately, consumers on iOS and Android devices aren’t going to have to wait long to see this functionality roll out in apps. Since there’s no specific Chromecast approval process on Google’s end when it comes to the streaming device, developers likely only need to comply with the guidelines in the App Store and Google Play store when updating apps.

Image used with permission by copyright holder

Conceptually, it will be much easier for developers to roll out Chromecast compatibility than getting an application approved for the Roku or Apple TV since both of those platforms have closed ecosystems. That being said, Roku has a significantly larger app library than Apple TV, roughly more than 1000 apps.

Hypothetically, Facebook could add Chromecast streaming within the new Paper application, thus allowing Facebook users to flip through updates and stories while reading on the big screen. It will also be interesting to see how gaming is handled with Chromecast streaming. According to the Google Developers Blog, all Chromecast devices have already been upgraded to support compatibility with the SDK. In addition, iOS support and Chromecast extension support for the SDK was launched today. Support for the Android platform is expected to roll out within the next few days after the latest updates have been launched on the Google Play store.

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