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Will Daredevil challenge Batman V. Superman for the same premiere weekend?

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Fans of Marvel’s gritty, critically praised Daredevil series on Netflix might not have long to wait for the much-anticipated second season of the hit show, but they also might have a big decision to make on the day of the season premiere.

According to a recent, unconfirmed report, Netflix is planning to release the second season of Daredevil on March 25, the same day that Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice arrives in theaters.

Neither Netflix nor Marvel’s television development studio have confirmed the report at this point, but indicates that Season Two of Daredevil will indeed premiere on the streaming video service on the same date Warner Bros. Pictures and DC Entertainment have set aside to bring two of DC Comics’ greatest icons together on the big screen.

While this is not the typical sort of calendar shuffling that tends to happen with studios competing for a similar audience, it’s also not the first time Batman V. Superman has been challenged for a release date by a Marvel project.

Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice was initially scheduled to premiere May 6, 2016 — the first weekend in May. That weekend has featured the debut of a new Marvel movie nearly every year since 2008’s Iron Man premiered on May 2, and the announcement was clearly intended as a challenge to Marvel’s ownership of that weekend.

However, Marvel didn’t seem too worried about a box-office fight with WB and Batman V. Superman, and went ahead and scheduled Captain America: Civil War to premiere on the same weekend. WB eventually backed down and moved Batman V. Superman to earlier in the year, specifically to its current release date of March 25.

Although Daredevil isn’t expected to challenge Batman V. Superman in the traditional ways, if Marvel and Netflix do indeed launch the second season of the hit series on March 25, it will almost certainly cut into the conversation that develops over the weekend surrounding superheroes and their live-action adventures. With fans attempting to avoid spoilers and participate in the chatter that develops around both projects as soon as possible, the combination of a 10-hour series and a film likely to run over two hours doesn’t leave a whole lot of time to talk about either project during that first 24 hours or so.

At this point, the weekend of March 25 is shaping up to be a very busy one indeed.

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