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Hi-fi meets whole-home audio in Denon’s new 800 series amplifier and players

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Just because wireless multiroom audio seems to be taking the world by storm, that doesn’t mean you don’t find yourself pining for the days of the classic hi-fi system. If this sounds like you, Denon might be introducing the perfect thing for you, as it has introduced three new products in its affordable hi-fi portfolio that marry a classic look and feel with the convenience of whole-home audio in its new 800 series integrated amplifier, network audio player, and CD player.

The PMA-800NE integrated amplifier is the heart of the system, with 85 watts per channel at 4 ohms, helping you power your favorite speakers. This amplifier features three optical digital inputs and one coaxial digital inputs in order to plug in your favorite digital players, like Denon’s two new models, for example. A built-in moving coil/moving magnet phono equalizer lets you plug in your turntable, making the PMA-800NE perfect as part of a vinyl setup.

While the DNP-800NE network audio player may not sound all that exciting, calling it a high-resolution audio player would be more apt, as it supports lossless FLAC, ALAC, and WAV files up to 192kHz/24-bit and DSD 2.8/5.6MHz over Wi-Fi, while Bluetooth is also supported for lower quality audio. The Advanced AL32 Processing Plus and a high-precision 192kHz/32-bit Burr Brown PCM1795 converter help make the most out of the source material.

If you’d rather use your favorite streaming services, the DNP-800NE also features support for Spotify, Amazon Music, Napster, SoundCloud, Deezer, Tidal, TuneIn Radio, and more. Support for Amazon Alexa is included, while HEOS integration lets the player connect with other Denon HEOS-enabled devices in your home. Obviously, the player is intended to be paired with the PMA-800NE amplifier, but it also includes a number of digital and analog outputs to let it work with other devices.

The DCD-800NE CD player not only plays standard CDs, but features support for extended discs as well as playback from USB devices. Like the DNP-800NE, this model focuses on high-resolution audio, with the same Advanced AL32 Processing Plus. If you’re looking for master-quality audio, the Pure Direct Mode bypasses any processing that could otherwise color the sound.

The PMA-800NA integrated amplifier will retail for $600, as will the DNP-800NE network audio player, while the DCD-800NE CD player will retail for $500. The company is also introducing two new turntables, the DP-450USB and DP-400, which retail for $600 and $500 respectively, that would fit well with the PMA-800NA amplifier. All of these products will be available starting this month. For more information, visit the Denon website.

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