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Devialet’s downsized Phantom Reactor speaker still promises huge sound

Devialet’s original Phantom speaker was a monster in more ways than one. Yes, it was capable of producing an enormous amount of sound for a speaker that was technically portable, but it was also very heavy and had a sizable footprint, not to mention a price tag approaching $3,000. The company’s follow-up, the Devialet Phantom Elevate upped the wattage even further, but the footprint remained the same. Now in the Phantom Reactor, Devialet promises the same huge sound, but with a smaller size and lower price.

The company calls the Phantom Reactor ultra-compact, and compared to the original Phantom it is: The speaker weighs in a 10 pounds and can even fit in the palm of your hand, assuming you’ve got large hands. The sound hasn’t shrunken as a side effect, however. Devialet says the speaker can produce sound as loud as a symphony orchestra. For those who prefer hard numbers, the company says the more powerful model is capable of producing a maximum volume of 98dB SPL.

Yes, there are two models, though both share the same size. The more powerful Phantom Reactor 900 offers up 900 watts of power, while the Phantom Reactor 600 offers a still-impressive 600 watts of power and a maximum volume of 95dB SPL. Keep in mind that a level change of just 10dB sounds twice as loud, so there is will be a noticeable difference in volume between the two models.

Many of the same features that helped the original Phantom sound so impressive are still here, like Heart Bass Implosion, which as the name implies, was practically responsible for the booming bass offered up by the Reactor’s predecessors. The new models have a frequency range from an ultra-low 18Hz to a super-high 21kHz. When it comes to connectivity, the speakers have analog and optical digital inputs, as well as wireless connectivity via Bluetooth, Spotify Connect, Airplay, and UPnP.

Both Phantom Reactor models will be available for pre-order starting October 24, but you can pre-register to get a head start via the Devialet website. Pricing starts at $900, which is still fairly high, but comparable with some of the higher end models on our list of the best Bluetooth speakers you can buy, and much lower than previous Devialet Phantom models.

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