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Who needs wires? Products from Polk, Definitive to get wireless surround sound

definitive Tech Studio Micro cabinet white
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A full surround sound setup is one of the keystones of a proper home theater set up, but many consumers opt for sound bars instead simply due to the ease of setup and lack of wires to trip over. DTS Play-Fi’s new wireless 5.1 surround sound feature seems to provide the best of both worlds — and on Monday, Sound United announced that its Definitive Technology and Polk audio brands are the first official DTS partners to add support for the new technology.

This would be interesting enough news if it was for future products, but the new feature is coming to existing products from both Polk Audio and Definitive Technology. The update will arrive via a firmware update, bringing wireless surround sound to already-impressive products from both companies.

“While Polk Audio and Definitive Technology have always been laser-focused on providing the absolute best audio for home theater, we have invested heavily in meeting users’ demands to provide true surround sound without the clutter of wired rear speakers,” Sound United President and CEO Kevin Duffy said in a statement. “With DTS’ commitment to continuously updating its Play-Fi technology, we’re able to provide consumers with sound bar and wireless all-in-one speaker ecosystems that are simple to set up, easy to use, and great-sounding.”

Polk’s Omni SB1 Plus and Definitive’s W Studio Micro sound bars will be the first to receive the new feature integration, gaining the ability to pair with other products from their respective manufacturers. In Definitive’s case, this means its W7 and W9 all-in-one speakers, while for Polk the compatible units are the Omni S2, S2R, and S6 options.

“We are excited to be launching DTS Play-Fi’s wireless surround technology with Polk and Definitive Technology,” Dannie Lau, DTS Inc. Play-Fi division general manager, said. “Cutting the cord will give people even more flexibility to create immersive audio experiences in their home. This enhanced functionality adds to Play-Fi’s industry-leading support for hi-res audio, A/V synchronization, and leading music services from around the globe.”

The firmware update will arrive on compatible products from both Polk and Definitive on October 25. Both Polk and Definitive offer apps for their respective products that can be used to update and configure your speakers.

For more information on DTS Play-Fi wireless 5.1 surround sound, see the Play-Fi website.

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