Edifier introduces the alien-esque e1100 Predator speaker set

edifier e1100 predatorEdifier has introduced an inexpensive, alien-esque speaker set that it calls the e1100 Predator. With the Christmas countdown about to wrap up, this might make a pretty snazzy gift for a tech fan looking to kick their music and games tunes up a notch. Let’s dive right in and see if the specs check out and if it looks worthy of a spot under the tree.

The main unit acts as a sort of nerve center, housing the system’s amplification and  a 5-inch, down-firing subwoofer. The system’s two satellites each sport a 2-inch full-range drivers paired with a 2-inch passive radiator. The sub can handle frequencies from  20Hz – 100Hz, while the satellites pick up everything from  200Hz – 20KHz. While the system is designed to handle the full audible frequency spectrum, we have to wonder about that big hole between 100Hz and 200Hz, especially since much of the punch we like to hear in music lives in that area. Still, sonic clarity shouldn’t be much of an issue, since the speaker’s 85dB signal-to-noise ratio is nothing to sneeze at. 

Overall, at $80, this set looks like a pretty good buy for anyone in need of a high performance multimedia system. It may not blow your hair back or power your holiday party, but it should certainly perform well in smaller rooms or for near-field listening at a computer desk. One thing is certain, though: the system looks pretty slick.

It’s easy to see why Edifier chose the Predator moniker, this thing is a dead ringer for the killer extraterrestrials, save their trademark dreadlocks.