Etón releases Rukus XL solar-powered boom box

eton-rugged-rukus-xl-speakers-1Check out our review of the Eton Rukus XL boombox.

Etón has released its new Rukus XL portable solar-powered Bluetooth wireless boom box to market today, improving the features it offers over previous models.

The Rukus XL is capable of pumping out 22 watts via eight speaker drivers (two tweeters, two woofers and four passive radiators), and with the addition of Bluetooth, can playback music wirelessly from a wide range of devices, including computers, smartphones and tablets. A Bass Boost button adds an extra layer of bass to music, just in case. Its 72-square-inch monocrystalline solar panel can recharge the XL’s battery from empty to full in five hours, though you can cut that time in half by plugging it into a power outlet with the included AC adapter.

At a full charge, the XL can keep playing music for eight hours, but that will vary if the box is also charging a portable device. Rather than outfit the box with a Lightning connector, Etón went universal by putting in a USB port instead. This allows almost any device to be charged, but it doesn’t appear that a phone can fit snugly inside the front compartment while a cable is plugged in there. If there is no cable, a phone or iPod could fit perfectly and stay in place via a strap that secures it. The compartment door closes to add an added level of protection.

A carrying handle chiseled into the box makes for easier transport. It doesn’t appear the box is splash-resistant, as some of Etón’s previous boom boxes were, but it seems to have been built with some durability in mind, given the company’s push for outdoor use.

The Rukus XL is available now at Amazon for $200.