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Discover your personalized sound in Even’s H1 headphones with EarPrint tech

Earlier in 2016, Even introduced a set of earphones that didn’t look very different from other earphones on the market, but were remarkably different in terms of execution. Using a technology the company calls EarPrint, the earphones promised to offer truly personalized sound. Now the company is bringing its EarPrint tech to full-size over-ear headphones in the new Even H1, announced on Wednesday.

“This is our second product launch in the personal audio space in less than 120 days. We have a tremendous sense of urgency because we have created a capability, the Even EarPrint, that we know provides tremendous benefit to each and every listener,” Even co-founder and CEO Danny Aronson said in a statement. “The new Even H1 headphones offers an outstandingly comfortable and immersive personalized listening experience along with great value.”

To set up your personalized sound profile, the H1 headphones include a built-in guide named Sarah. Throughout the setup process, which the company says takes around 90 seconds, your profile is built by your reaction — registered through a single button press — to eight different frequencies played in each ear. Once this process is finished, your EarPrint personalized sound can be turned on and off with the tap of a button. Double-tapping this button resets your EarPrint.

We have not had a chance to try the headphones, so we cannot speak to just how well EarPrint technology works, but from a look at the specs, these headphones look fairly impressive given the price. Beryllium drivers — not often seen in sub-$200 headphones — are used here, which are known for fast transient response, crisp highs, and powerful lows.

While the company’s earphones did not look particularly impressive, the H1 headphones are a different story. The headphones are built with a walnut-wood finish on each ear piece, and animal-friendly faux leather is used in the ear cups for both comfort and sweat resistance. A zippered case is included in the box in order to keep your headphones safe.

The built-in controls work with both iOS and Android devices, controlling both playback and volume. An extra button is provided for turning EarPrint sound personalization on and off. Although these are wired headphones, EarPrint requires power, but instead of needing to use disposable batteries, a built-in battery provides up to 10 hours of playback time, and can be recharged with the included USB cable.

The Even H1 headphones are shipping now and sell for $180. For more information on the headphones and about EarPrint in general, see the company’s website.

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