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DTS:X arrives for Yamaha receivers thanks to a new firmware update

Yamaha Aventage Receiver
Rich Shibley/Digtial Trends
If you don’t pay much attention to the world of home theater, it might be easy to think that DTS:X has already been in living rooms for some time. In a way that’s true — quite a few A/V receivers from multiple companies have been sold promising DTS:X — they just couldn’t actually use DTS:X yet.

We’ve known for some time that DTS:X would begin to arrive in receivers in the early part of this year. Now a firmware update is rolling out to select Yamaha models so they can join the party in offering an alternative to Dolby Atmos for 3D-surround sound.

The firmware rollout began yesterday, targeting models in the Yamaha Aventage line, specifically the RX-A3050, RX-A2050 and RX-A1050. The company’s CX-A5100 A/V preamp processor will now also offer DTS:X support once updated.

“Yamaha is determined to provide the most immersive sound technologies available today and the DTS:X firmware update demonstrates our passion for sharing the latest in performance with our customers,” said  Bob Goedken, general manager, A/V division, Yamaha Corporation of America.

Similarly to Dolby Atmos, DTS:X is a new surround-sound solution that moves sound beyond existing as a flat plane, allowing sounds to come from different heights. Both technologies utilize up to 11 different audio channels, though DTS:X is more flexible, allowing for up to 32 different speaker locations. Most recently released receivers support both, allowing for users to decide which works best for them.

This has been a busy month for Yamaha so far. Last week it announced the 5.1-channel RX-V381 A/V receiver, and earlier this week it unveiled four more models in the RX-V 81 line: the RX-V481, and the 7.2-channel RX-V781, RX-V681, and RX-V581, all of which support both Dolby Atmos and DTS:X.

For more on the firmware update and Yamaha’s Aventage A/V receivers, see the company’s website.

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